Costa Mesa Wedding Photography

Costa Mesa Wedding Photography

Costa Mesa is a gorgeous place to take your vows, but without wedding photography, much of that beauty will be lost in the sands of time. This is exactly why Photography by Alon has chosen to provide his world renowned wedding photography services to couples getting married in Costa Mesa. Weddings are one of the most important days in our life, and Alon understands this all too well. It’s because of this that he’s honed his skills, and equipped himself with the best photography equipment on the market today. With his skillset, he will be able to capture the most delicate and sensitive moments that pass through your wedding day. From the kiss that seals the deal, to the flower girls, to the adorable ring bearer, having the ability to capture the most memorable moments is a skill that can’t be more highly regarded during a once-in-a-lifetime event. After all, you’ll be looking back at these photos and sharing them with your kids and loved ones for many years to come. Your wedding deserves a photographer who understands that, a photographer that can deliver beautiful results without question. Contact us today if you are in need of wedding photography in Costa Mesa for your special day.

Oceanside Wedding Photography

Oceanside Wedding Photography

Based in San Diego, Photography by Alon is regarded as a top shelf photographer for premium Oceanside wedding photography. Having a sense for the beauty present in even the finest details, Alon is known worldwide for his ability to pull the stunning beauty out of every moment. His experience has given him the skill to capture the sophistication, joy, and spirit hidden within every single fleeting moment during your wedding. If you are in need of high quality wedding photography in Oceanside, then you owe it to yourself to settle for nothing but the best for your special day.

Irvine Wedding Photography

Irvine Wedding Photography

With a great deal of experience shooting wedding photography in Irvine, CA, Photography by Alon is the perfect choice for capturing the romance, spirit, and wonder of your wedding day. Having the right photographer for the job will make the all the difference in how you and your loved ones look back on the memories. A powerful visual sensibility can help highlight the beautiful wedding parties, friends, family, bride, groom, decorations, food, dessert, and everything in between so that you can share them with your loved ones throughout the years. When it comes to a once in a lifetime event, you’ll want the best on the job in order to ensure that every precious moment is caught with an expert eye. It’s your special day, after all.

Huntington Beach Wedding Photography

Huntington Beach Wedding Photography

When it comes to wedding photography in Huntington Beach there’s no better wedding photographer for the job than Photography by Alon. As a highly reputable wedding photographer, Alon, has travelled the world. Having shot in some of the most exotic locations on the globe, it’s rare to come across a wedding photographer that truly knows how to capture the beauty of something as special as a wedding. With an eye for detail and a true passion for photographing this magical time in life, Photography by Alon is the best choice for wedding photography in Huntington Beach.

Riverside Wedding Photography

Riverside Wedding Photography

A wedding day is one of the single most important events in a person’s life. With that in mind, it’s only right that you have a professional wedding photographer skilled at capturing the magic of this special time. After all, you’ll be depending on the photographer to create the memories that you’ll be looking back on for years to come. Based in San Diego, and serving all over the world, Photography by Alon has a reputation for providing premiere, CA. When it comes to this sacred day, you should take comfort in knowing that you’re in good hands.

Jeanette & Walter Wedding Crosby Club House

The Crosby Club House Wedding

San Diego Senior Photography

San Diego Senior Photography-3

San Diego Senior Photography-4

San Diego Senior Photography-5

San Diego Senior Photography-6

San Diego Senior Photography-7

San Diego Senior Photography-8

San Diego Senior Photography-9

San Diego Senior Photography-10

San Diego Senior Photography-11

San Diego Senior Photography-12

San Diego Senior Photography-13

San Diego Senior Photography-14

San Diego Senior Photography-15

San Diego Senior Photography-16

San Diego Senior Photography-17

San Diego Senior Photography-18

San Diego Senior Photography-19

San Diego Senior Photography

San Diego Senior Photography-2

San Diego Senior Portrait Photographer

Book Your Senior Year Photo Session Today

Just as you spent countless hours capturing precious moments of your son or daughter’s childhood, you also want to capture the moments when he or she is about to leave high school. Senior year is a time of your child’s life that only happens once. You can commemorate this unforgettable time and celebrate it with your loved ones by arranging for a senior year photo shoot with Alon David Photography.
Alon David Photography understands the importance of this last year of high school. The photos from the shoot will be given with graduation invitations, so your child deserves the very best treatment. Alon David Photography will make sure that each and every pose captures the true essence of your young graduate.
Different locations – such as the beach, a park, or the striking architecture of a historic building – will all provide the perfect backdrop for each photo. Alon David will encourage your son or daughter to smile, laugh, or even give a solemn expression to ensure that each photo portrays the beauty of your child. You can trust Alon David Photography to provide you with a senior photo session unlike anything you ever expected.
Your child’s last year of high school needs to be captured forever through photography. Rather than entrust this priceless photo shoot in the hands of a beginner, trust Alon David Photography to give you everything you wanted and much, much more. Contact us today to learn more about our senior year photo shoots and reserve your photo session today before graduation!

Prepare for Senior Pictures Now

If your child is preparing to enter his senior year of high school, now is the time to start planning those senior pictures. You don’t want to put off making the important choices until the last minute — otherwise, you might wind up with an amateur photographer and lousy senior pictures. Take the time now to contact different photographers and choose the one that best fits your child’s needs. Here are some more tips to help you choose the best photographer to capture your child’s last moments in high school:

Reserve your session now, instead of later. Yes, spring is in the future, but if you reserve your session now with your favorite photographer, it will be one less worry on your list. Senior year is a hectic time, so make your reservation today. When making your reservation, consider reserving two days, if your session will include outdoor shots. If the weather acts up, you will still have another session to capture the best shots.
Put your deposit down with your reservation. This helps to ensure that your session will not be cancelled or postponed due to other obligations. It also shows your photographer that you are serious about using him/her for your session.

When the day for the shoot comes, be prepared. Have all of the items you and your child want in the session ready to use. For instance, if your child plays an instrument, make sure it is polished and looking sharp for photos that include the instrument. Your photographer shouldn’t have to wait for you to fetch an item you forgot, so be prepared.
Here at Alon David Photography, senior pictures are one of our many areas of expertise. Contact us today to discuss the perfect day for your child’s photo shoot.

San Diego Studio Photography


San Diego studio photography is Alon David San Diego Top Wedding Photographer favorite location and style of photography. Our Wedding Photography, Family photography, Kids / Newborn Photography and portrait Photography Studio is located at San Diego Mission Hills Hillcrest area in Downtown San Diego. Our wide selection of backdrops, floordrops and props include everything we need to create artistic and interesting studio photography at our San Diego facility. Alon David is unique among contemporary photographers, recognized as a top San Diego Wedding and Corporate Photographer who adds a high degree of artistry and personalization to his work. He is also exceptional at Portrait photography, offering services as a kids photographer including new born photography, model head shot and corporate photography.

All these specialty areas of photography can be accomplished as a part of the studio photography at the San Diego photography studio. A variety of backdrops and outfits are available as part of your photography session. We offer many different photography Packages for our clients to pick from. The prices depend on the type of photo shoot you want to do. Charges may vary, depending on what type of background required. For corporate head shots, a very simple background is usually recommended so that you can use it for your web site and to hang on the wall. You will find that head shots taken by San Diego studio photographers tend to vary dramatically in price, based on how many shots you need as well as special considerations.

View our gallery to see why Alon David Photography San Diego Studio Photography and San Diego Top Wedding Photographer stands out from other San Diego studio photographers. These photos reflect a true passion for the artistry of contemporary photography and the emotion and feeling that exists between the subjects. For truly unique studio photography in San Diego, Alon goes well beyond the standard poses and strives to create a one-of-a-kind masterpiece in every photo he takes.

So if you are looking to get your photos taken in a Local Photography Studio in San Diego check out our San Diego Studio Photography located AT 127 West University Ave San Diego CA 92103 or check out Alon for your  conference photography in San Diego, La Jolla, Carlsbad, Orange County, Irvine, Los Angeles, San Francisco, New York, San Clemente and Cabos San Locus Mexico.


Wedding Albums and Event Albums


Wedding Albums and Event Albums

When all is said and done, your wedding album from Graphistudio is the final presentation of the wedding day. Your wedding day will be what you will pass down from generation to generation. All albums are Flush Mount & Hand made in Italy.

The paper option for the albums come in many ways, Smooth & Textured Wedding albums paper.

If you want something more elegant then choose from our amazing Photographic paper or our Metallic and Pearl paper.

 We achieve them by combining the latest technology with the craftsman quality that only the hand of man can guarantee.

That is why every Album is handmade in Italy, with particular care and attention dedicated to every detail.

We guarantee strength and durability.

Every Wedding Album and Bar Mitzvah and Bat Mitzvah is heat binding, a special assembly method carried out manually by inserting interleaving tissue paper between sheets that are then put in an oven.

By not using vinyl glues, the result is a sturdy page without the unpleasant ‘wave’ effect. Heat binding produces a book that is not only more appealing to touch and look at, but longer lasting, too.

The best photographic and digital printing solutions.

The search for excellence necessarily focuses on the use of and search for the best printing support materials.
For this reason, we offer only the best photographic and digital printing solutions.

We aim for perfection from every point of view. Especially yours.

We perform color correction on every single photo, balancing light and contrast to obtain chromatically perfect images. Complexions and shadows are then meticulously corrected manually to the highest standard.

For more images check out Graphistudio blog post.

San Diego Engagement Photography

San Diego Engagement Photography

San Diego Engagement Photography

San Diego Engagement Photography-2

San Diego Engagement Photography-2

San Diego Engagement Photography-3

San Diego Engagement Photography-4

San Diego Engagement Photography-5

San Diego Engagement Photography-6

San Diego Engagement Photography-7

San Diego Engagement Photography-8

San Diego Engagement Photography-9

San Diego Engagement Photography-10

San Diego Engagement Photography-11

San Diego Engagement Photography-11

San Diego Engagement Photography-12

San Diego Engagement Photography-13

San Diego Engagement Photography-14

San Diego Engagement Photography-15

San Diego Engagement Photography-16

San Diego Engagement Photography-17

San Diego Engagement Photography-18

San Diego Engagement Photography-19

San Diego Engagement Photography-20

San Diego Engagement Photography-21

San Diego Engagement Photography-22

San Diego Engagement Photography-23

San Diego Engagement Photography-24

San Diego Engagement Photography-25

San Diego Engagement Photography-26

San Diego Engagement Photography-27

San Diego Engagement Photography-28

San Diego Engagement Photography-29

San Diego Engagement Photography-30

San Diego Engagement Photography-31

San Diego Engagement Photography-32

San Diego Engagement Photography-33

San Diego Engagement Photography-34

San Diego Engagement Photography-35

San Diego Engagement Photography-36

San Diego Engagement Photography-37

San Diego Engagement Photography-38

San Diego Engagement Photography-39

San Diego Engagement Photography-40

San Diego Engagement Photography-41

San Diego Engagement Photography-42

San Diego Engagement Photography-43

San Diego Engagement Photography-44

San Diego Engagement Photography-45

San Diego Engagement Photography-46

San Diego Engagement Photography-47

San Diego Engagement Photography-48

San Diego Engagement Photography-49

San Diego Engagement Photography-50

San Diego Engagement Photography-51

San Diego Engagement Photography-52

San Diego Engagement Photography-53

San Diego Engagement Photography-54

San Diego Engagement Photography-55

San Diego Engagement Photography-56

San Diego Engagement Photography-57

San Diego Engagement Photography-58

San Diego Engagement Photography-59

San Diego Engagement Photography-60

San Diego Engagement Photography-61

San Diego Engagement Photography-62

San Diego Engagement Photography-63

San Diego Engagement Photography-64

San Diego Engagement Photography-65

San Diego Engagement Photography-66

San Diego Engagement Photography-67

San Diego Engagement Photography-68

San Diego Engagement Photography-69

San Diego Engagement Photography-70

San Diego Engagement Photography-71

San Diego Engagement Photography-72

San Diego Engagement Photography-73

San Diego Engagement Photography-74

San Diego Engagement Photography-75

San Diego Engagement Photography-76

San Diego Engagement Photography-77

San Diego Engagement Photography-78

San Diego Engagement Photography-79

San Diego Engagement Photography-80

San Diego Engagement Photography-81

San Diego Engagement Photography-82

San Diego Engagement Photography-83

San Diego Engagement Photography-84

San Diego Engagement Photography-85

Get to know ALON DAVID and how he started with Photography check out the Video.


Engagement photos begin your story as a committed couple, leading up to your wedding day and beyond. Alon David Photography studio  San Diego Top Wedding Photographer is a standout among San Diego engagement photographers’ Studios.  His relaxed, personal style puts you at ease as his photos capture the relationship developing between future bride and groom.

The San Diego engagement photographer and San Diego Engagement Photography seeks out the emotions and the expressions between the couple to capture the details that will make your photography even more special to you. Taking engagement photos is a great way for Alon to get to know you as a couple so that you are relaxed and ready to work together once your wedding day rolls around.

San Diego Beach Engagement Photos

San Diego Beach Engagement Photos

San Diego is one of the world’s romantic settings, giving you a wealth of background choices. Nothing is more important to your San Diego engagement photography than choosing the perfect setting to reflect the romance and love that you and your soon-to-be spouse share. View our engagement photo gallery to see examples such as white-sand beaches, stately Balboa Park, Coronado Island, or Downtown’s Historic Gaslamp Quarter.

Best Wedding Photographer San Diego

Best Wedding Photographer San Diego

One or more will perfectly capture your unique characteristics and make the ideal setting for your San Diego engagement photos and San Diego Engagement Photography. We are also prepared to shoot from locations anywhere in the country or world. As San Diego Top Wedding Photographers We understand how important the perfect location is to getting the results that you want in photos you plan to treasure for a lifetime.

San Diego Engagement Photography

San Diego Engagement Photography

Our photographic journey together starts with San Diego Engagement Photography and engagement photos as a way to prepare for “the big day.” You’ll have a chance to become comfortable with your wedding photographer without last-minute pressures.

The bride can test hair and make-up choices to see how they look on-camera. Share your engagement photos—and your excitement—with friends and family, and choose your favorite for a save-the-date wedding announcement or wedding invitations or display several at the wedding reception. Come visit our Photography Studio in San Diego or call us at 619-436-6311 for more information about our packages, prices or locations.

San Diego Engagement Photography

San Diego Engagement Photography

Here is a list of great location to get your Engagement Session photography done in San Diego area: Balboa Park, Coronado Beach, Wind and Sea, Downtown San DiegoPacific Beach Pier, La Jolla Shores Scripps Pier, Wayfarers Chapel Los Angles, Abalone Cove Palos Verdes, Petco Park San Diego, UCSD University of California in La Jolla we will be adding more Engagement Session location soon.

San Diego Engagement Photography

San Diego Engagement Photography