Destination Weddings


Destination weddings continue to grow in popularity as more couples choose to make an exotic destination a part of their special day. Regardless of whether your wedding will be set in an authentic castle where dreams are made or on the beach in a lush, tropical setting, a destination wedding photographer will be needed to preserve the memories of your special day. The importance of the wedding photos cannot be replaced by the enthusiasm and excitement of the trip. Once the wedding is over, the photos are what you have left to keep the memories alive.

Whatever destination you choose, taking destination wedding photographers with you to the location is always the best option. This allows you to find a professional photographer with proven results whom you can trust to make the most of the setting. Destination wedding photography requires the expertise of a photographer who knows how to take advantage of the special items and landscapes that destination weddings provide and make them a part of the important occasion that they represent. Hiring a photographer at the location is a risk that can result in your not having the quality of photos that reflect the time, effort and money you put into having the wedding of your dreams. Cabo San Lucas is only a short flight from most major U.S. doors, offering you comfort, warm climate and sumptuous facilities. After your fantasy wedding, you’re now in one of the world’s head special first night destinations

Alon David has travelled around the world to take wedding photos in all types of settings. His experience, combined with a true passion for taking wedding photos that are a work of art, have resulted in his becoming one of the most experienced destination wedding photographers in the area. If you aren’t willing to settle for average when it comes to picking the location for your wedding, then don’t settle for anything less than the best for preserving those important moments and the incredible surroundings on your special day. Browse through our gallery to see how talented Alon is at finding the perfect way to take advantage of any setting. Contact us to learn more about hiring a top destination wedding photographer for your destination wedding. Maur sure to book your Destination Weddings by San Diego Wedding Photographer Alon David Photography 858-699-5376 book us for your Destination Weddings in Cabo san Lucas

Destination Weddings

Destination Weddings

Meet the Artist

Coming from humble beginnings, Alon David was born in Tel Aviv, Israel and immigrated to the United States in 1998. Working first for seven years, as a lead designer at a Design Build Studio in San Diego, California, he later felt the need to get his own work out there. Slowly, a portfolio containing David’s vision came to fruit and from there, the legendary wedding photography guru, Alon David Photography, was born! David perfected his craft by stemming from the birth of his son in 2002 and realizing the clicking of the camera lens is what preserves the beautiful moments so you can relive them over and over. Photography is the real memory.

From here, Alon discovered he had a talent for capturing the important moments. He believed that sharing this talent with others and using it for their benefit is what he was meant to do. Although Alon David Photography is available to capture any special moment you’d like, he specializes in destination wedding photography and destination engagement sessions as well.

Capturing the special moments that occur during the wedding, not just the ceremony is equally as important. The images of your friends, family and loved one should show their excitement and happiness for you and your partner. Having these moments captured in photography is important. If not done right, it can ruin your memories.

With today’s generation, the trend of a destination wedding has become increasingly popular. A good, affordable and brilliant destination wedding photographer is hard to find, so look no further when you’ve found Alon David. Destination weddings allow a couple to have their special day in a place far from their homes. By definition, a destination wedding is one that takes place at least a hundred miles from where the bride lives! That leaves a world full of places for you to tie the knot and create your special memory. Destination weddings let you stand out from the pack, saves you from inviting too many people, requires minimal decor since the destination is your decor, and plus you can start the honeymoon even sooner!

Destination wedding photography by Alon David is right for you even if your special day is outside the United States. With offices in San Diego, Tokyo, New York, Rome, Paris, and Tel Aviv, Alon David Photography can cater to any need. Each picture taken on your wedding day tells a unique story, so let that moment be frozen to look back on again and again. From each picture that Alon takes, another piece of your memory is preserved.

Alon David Destination Wedding Photographer is a creation of hard work and talent, ready to travel worldwide to make your wedding day even more special. David’s other passions include traveling, which he accomplishes through destination wedding photography. He does not have a place that he will not travel to photography your wedding day. If your wedding is looking for a fun, talented, edgy, driven and excited photographer, Alon David is your guy.