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Alon David Photography Associate Photographer Marc, this is only about 10% of Marc’s Work. Marc has done over 50 weddings with Alon David Photography in the past 2 years.

Marc is a budding photographer. In 1999 Marc was awarded a scholarship in photography and visual arts to CalArts however declined this opportunity to serve in the United States Marine Corps and United States Air Force. After 13 years of military service, he is returning to the arts reflecting on his past, present and future. He completed the Photography certification through University of California San Diego and is currently a Visual Arts major at Miramar College San Diego in Graphic Design. In fall of 2015, he was awarded a merit scholarship to the prestigious School of Arts Institute Chicago for his visually striking photographic portfolio.
Marc continues to actively pursue his passion of creating images of beauty that is both pleasing to his clients and to his photographer colleagues. 
Alon David Wedding Photographer

Alon David Wedding Photographer