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San Diego Top Wedding Photographer

San Diego Top Wedding Photographer

Alon David San Diego Top Wedding Photographer

Meet the Artist Alon David was born in Tel Aviv Israel and moved to the US in 1998. For the next 7 years he worked as the lead designer for a large Design Build Studio in San Diego California. Feeling the need to publish his designs and create an extensive portfolio, Alon hired various local photographers. Alon was unsatisfied with their images, and began taking his own photographs to insure this portfolio would reflect his personal vision and style, just how he sees it.

Through this process Alon discovered his eye for photographic design and his own unique talents behind the camera. What started as a hobby quickly became a creative obsession after the birth of his son in 2002. His true passion now lies in the faces he captures with his camera. In a single click of the shutter a moment or emotion is captured and held timeless forever.

From the earliest stages in his photographic career, Alon David had a strong desire to capture each individual moment as he saw it unfold. With each photo he takes, a piece of your story is frozen and a memory is preserved. Each special moment between a bride and groom, between family members, friends, lovers or simply an individual are captured and preserved as stunning keepsakes. Each photo tells a story, freezing that moment in time and saving it for you and your family to enjoy for generations to come.

Alon David’s other passion is traveling around the world to photograph Weddings. From San Diego to Tel Aviv, Rome, Madrid and Paris are just some of the places around the world he photographed. Alon David Photography knows no boundaries. He is willing to accompany you on your Destination Wedding. If you are looking for an Artist, Bold, Edgy and Creative Wedding Photographer for your wedding in San Diego or outside USA , Alon David Photography is the right place for you..

Alon is also the founder of 90X Goal Planner

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