Jewish Wedding San Diego

Jewish Wedding San Diego Hilton Mission Bay

Jewish Wedding San Diego Hilton Mission Bay


Jewish Wedding San Diego Hilton Mission Bay

The cultural element is an important part of any marriage ceremony, even in modern times. The San Diego Orthodox community is one of the strongest and warmest of them all. The perseverance of culture and tradition amongst them is commendable. Culture is one of the most important aspects in a wedding, and capturing it’s essence is the photographer’s number one goal.

The traditional Orthodox Jewish Wedding honors the bond between the bride (kallah) and the groom (chatan) and their obligations to each other along with their families and the community. The ceremony tells the story of the merging of the two souls. On the wedding day, both the kallah and the chatan fast from dawn until the completion of the marriage ceremony. The fasting symbolizes the cleansing of the soul as they merge.

The wedding ceremony takes place under a canopy or a chuppah. Even in the modern Orthodox Jewish wedding, a canopy is made to stand under; it is left open on all sides symbolizing the openness of their home to hospitality. This chuppah symbolizes the new home that the couple will build together, placing it under the stars ensures the blessing of God. Unlike other cultures, no jewelry is allowed under the canopy, the couple declare their love and devotion sans any material possessions. To officiate the bond, it is custom for the bride to encircle her groom seven times, mirroring the world being built in seven days, saying she will build the walls of their home together.

The marriage is made official when the groom gives an object of value to the bride, usually a ring. But the ring should be without any stones and simple, symbolizing the simplicity of life. If the bride wishes to gift her groom a ring, she cannot do so under the canopy, because it defies orthodox Jewish marriage under the Torah. After the completion of the ceremony, a feast takes place with families and friends of boths sides to celebrate the new union.

A San Diego Orthodox wedding is increasingly popular due to the increasing large population of the community of Orthodox Jewish people. The San Diego Hilton Hotel is one of the money locations that have catered to the needs of such a ceremony. The specific needs have to be catered to for the ceremony to be official in the eyes of the Jewish community and God.

Each moment of this elaborate and special ceremony needs to be captured for the bride and groom to look back on. Photographs and videos are best way to preserve these memories and make them shareable with all who we love. Alon David Photography specializes in capturing special moments and make them measurable for years to come. The San Diego branch of Alon David Photography is one of the top wedding photographers along with destination wedding photographers. So whether your special day is local or at a creative destination, the memories are equally special and should be carefully tended to.