Indian Wedding Photography Ceremony

Chaitanya & Sandhya 11/7/15

I cannot say enough positive things about Alon and his team. This was a big Indian wedding with a lot of people and lots of events occurring at the same time. Along brought along another photographer and a videographer, and they were incredibly accommodating, but also helped us stay on time and stay organized. In addition to taking great photos (I’ll discuss this in a minute), they helped us stay calm, on time, and continued to remind us to have fun and enjoy the moment. Without them, our wedding day would not have been nearly as memorable or wonderful.

The pictures – wow! For about 12 hours of shooting, we received 5000 pictures! It was a wonderful experience to relive the day through Alons pictures. Not only were the vast majority of the pictures we received in-focus and appropriate (I think 5000 was what remained after some were filtered out), but nearly every one had either captured or attempted to capture the emotions of the people in that moment. Subtle smiles, a twinkle in the eye, faces filled with laughter and joy, they were all amazing. i cannot remember the last time I saw so many pictures of my family and loved ones all with such happiness and contentment on their faces. My wife and I made an evening of viewing each of the photos and selecting those that we thought were most beautiful and would like to see included in the photo album (which Alon kindly threw in for free).

I cannot say enough fantastic things about Alon. He is truly more than just a photographer – he is an artist who captures people’s emotions through his lens. You would not regret hiring him for your wedding, engagement, family portraits, or any other occasion.