Emily Morgan 07/21/12

Alon is a true professional. He is talented, creative, and will find a way to take the most beautiful shots no matter what conditions he finds himself in. My husband and I hired Alon to cover our wedding, and he was very accommodating at working out a deal based on our budget. He met with us before the wedding to get an idea of what we were looking for, and how we would corrdinate the evening. Our wedding turned out to be a little tricky for most vendors since my husband and I had decided we didn’t want to see each other before the ceremony (in fact we got ready at two totally different locations), and it was pouring rain. What was suppose to be an outside ceremony had to be moved inside, and what would have been a beautiful backdrop for the ceremony and pictures turned into be some curtains behind us with grey skies. Alon never once said he couldn’t do something and he found a way to make everything work flawlessly. My husband was incredibly impressed with him especially, since he appreciates people who are good at what they do. He said “That’s the sign of a true professional; when plans change by the minute & you can keep up, focused & do a great job!” Alon isn’t afraid of a little (or alot) of rain & his experience shows! We will absolutely hire Alon again when we start our own family to have him capture the smiles of our kids :)