Alon David Photography

Joe and Margie Lin 9/27/2014

Alon and his team recently shot our engagement session and our wedding a few weeks ago. Since we opted out of having a videographer for our wedding, we knew that finding the right photographer would be extremely important to help us capture our big day. After viewing Alon’s work online, we knew that we had our guy.

From the beginning of our engagement, we knew we liked Alon because he was very responsive and also showed that he enough spunk to to take charge of any situation. After attending and being in many weddings over the years, we both knew these were key traits we had to look for. We’ve heard plenty of horror stories where the newlyweds didn’t get their photos until way after the fact and also have been in situations where the photographer seemed overwhelmed by the personalities in the wedding which yields poor results IMO. He proved to be able to do just that…we received our raw photos almost immediately after our shoots, and the edited work was quickly compiled and turned back to us. Also, throughout the wedding, he effectively managed our time and directed us to getting all the awesome footage we had wished for and more.

Another plus with working with Alon was that he is flexible with different payment options. As any newly-wed planning for weddings can attest, this is something that you’ll greatly appreciate. A lot of vendors require check or cash payments, the fact that credit was accepted was extremely helpful to alleviate some burden as we were saving up cash for the rest of our wedding. Also, a wedding planner friend of ours had provided us a mock budget for quality photographers, so we knew that Alon came in at the right price point.

But most importantly, the quality of work spoke for itself. Alon and his team’s dedication to their craft is evident, the attention to detail and experience really shines and we were really satisfied with how everything turned out. Alon and his assistant are great at what they do and Alon’s wife, Maya, also did a killer job compiling really nice high quality photo albums which we loved. We ended up using our engagement Photo Album as our guest signing book per Alon’s suggestion, which worked fantastically.

All in all we were extremely pleased from all aspects and would definitely recommend them to anyone considering their services!