Justin & Jayna 11/22/11

ALoN is an incredible photographer. Enough said!

Our wedding was set for August and in January we found out that the photographer we chose was a slimy snake (not ALoN).  But by January most of the photographers were booked.  I was so nervous as I was leaving town for number of months and so I stayed up to wee hours of the morning looking for a good photographer.   Then I came across ALoN’s site.  I emailed him at 1 in the morning and he responded the next morning. He said that he was currently flying back to San Diego and would land at 11am.  He asked me if I wanted to meet at 12pm and I was thinking, ‘aren’t you going to be exhausted after flying half way across the world?’  But he was completely okay with that. We met him that day and booked him on the spot. We are so glad that we found ALoN. He is not only a great photographer but a wonderful person as well.

ALoN was very helpful and helped me understand how weddings function and what I needed to know about how the day would play out. I really had no clue about weddings so he made me feel much better.

He showed up on time to the wedding and was dressed appropriately for our wedding. ALoN is actually very fun to shoot with. He is very funny and keeps the mood light. Both my husband and I are not the most photogenic people but he helped us to lighten up and be ourselves. We really enjoyed working with him as he always kept us laughing.

He brought a second photographer to shoot with him named Lance who was also great.  It was actually really nice to have them both. They had very different shooting styles which I think is a great thing to have.  It was like having the same story told by two people who see through different lenses.  They worked very well together and complemented each other well.  They both worked really well with our family and friends and were very respectful.

Now on to his pictures…They are AMAZING.  We ended up with about 2,000 images after the wedding was all said and done and it was so hard to pick pictures because all his pictures were so wonderful! It was nice because ALoN gave us ALL the original images plus 150 edited images on a CD that we could do whatever we wanted with. ALoN just has a way with capturing emotion.  Understand that the wedding day goes by so fast and you might not get to catch a lot of it. Invest in a good photographer because after the wedding day is over, all you have left is the pictures. Everyone kept telling me how fast the wedding will fly by.  I said ‘yeah, yeah,’ but then when I experienced it myself I really understood.  It is literally like a whirlwind.  You only get these shots one time, just once.  Invest in a quality photographer; you will be happy you did.

We have his photos all over our house, they are just so beautiful.  My in-laws were telling me last week how much they loved the pictures and how they had them all over their house as well.  My mother-in-law ordered a bunch of photo books from ALoN and is in love with them. The pictures are truly astonishing. They are so full of heart and color.

I highly recommend ALoN. He came through for us and did a brilliant job. I have nothing negative to say about him, he is absolutely wonderful. We are so grateful for ALoN and his hard work!  We are so very pleased with his work and are glad that we were able to work with him. ALoN ROCKS!

Justin & Jayna