Lindsey & Shane 10/8/2016

alon david photography studio

alon david photography studio

There are so many decisions to stress over when planning a wedding – selecting a photographer doesn’t have to be one of them. You’ve already found the best by looking into Alon David and his team.

To say that I don’t photograph well is putting it lightly. My awkwardness shines bright when I know I’m being photographed. When I saw Alon’s work, I knew that I was looking at art of a superior quality. I knew that if I wanted to preserve memories as I remembered them (i.e., without my scrunched up goofy face mucking it up), I wanted to enlist his team. His portfolio is replete photojournalism-esque work that deserves to be in the pages of Time, Vogue, and Conde Nast.

Alon treated me like a business partner AND a princess. He kept me well informed – answering my questions in a detailed manner and without delay. He was polite, professional, and fun. His banter relaxed me as soon as he started clicking away. There was even a hiccup in the months before planning (trust me folks, there WILL BE many!) and Alon went out of his way to help me ameliorate the issue. Coordinating with him for the actual day was a delight and a pleasure.

I just received my pictures and……I am speechless (not a common occurrence). The photos Alon and Marc captured are…..without sounding conceited, stunning. I opened the link and lived the entire day again. Their work encapsulates features and expressions I missed in the busyness. Marc managed to memorialize the moment my father shook my husband’s hand in a way that brought me to tears. My dad’s pride, my husband’s smile, and me turning my face into my shoulder to prevent from sobbing with the enormity of it all.

Marc was such a blast to spend the day with, we tried to get him to stay to enjoy the whole reception! I could just smooch him for managing to capture the exact romantic image I dreamed of with my husband…. it looks like a fairytale. AND he toughed out the whole day despite the unseasonable heat!

Choose Alon and his team – you will not regret it. Next to my husband, choosing Alon was the best decision I’ve made in this whole thing! 🙂