Alon David Photography

Joe and Margie Lin 9/27/2014

Alon and his team recently shot our engagement session and our wedding a few weeks ago. Since we opted out of having a videographer for our wedding, we knew that finding the right photographer would be extremely important to help us capture our big day. After viewing Alon’s work online, we knew that we had our guy.

From the beginning of our engagement, we knew we liked Alon because he was very responsive and also showed that he enough spunk to to take charge of any situation. After attending and being in many weddings over the years, we both knew these were key traits we had to look for. We’ve heard plenty of horror stories where the newlyweds didn’t get their photos until way after the fact and also have been in situations where the photographer seemed overwhelmed by the personalities in the wedding which yields poor results IMO. He proved to be able to do just that…we received our raw photos almost immediately after our shoots, and the edited work was quickly compiled and turned back to us. Also, throughout the wedding, he effectively managed our time and directed us to getting all the awesome footage we had wished for and more.

Another plus with working with Alon was that he is flexible with different payment options. As any newly-wed planning for weddings can attest, this is something that you’ll greatly appreciate. A lot of vendors require check or cash payments, the fact that credit was accepted was extremely helpful to alleviate some burden as we were saving up cash for the rest of our wedding. Also, a wedding planner friend of ours had provided us a mock budget for quality photographers, so we knew that Alon came in at the right price point.

But most importantly, the quality of work spoke for itself. Alon and his team’s dedication to their craft is evident, the attention to detail and experience really shines and we were really satisfied with how everything turned out. Alon and his assistant are great at what they do and Alon’s wife, Maya, also did a killer job compiling really nice high quality photo albums which we loved. We ended up using our engagement Photo Album as our guest signing book per Alon’s suggestion, which worked fantastically.

All in all we were extremely pleased from all aspects and would definitely recommend them to anyone considering their services!


Kaelen and Marshall 5/23/2014

My husband and I recently got married and had Alon as our photographer and we are beyond happy and thankful he was there to capture our day. We definitely did a little research before choosing our photographer but after meeting with Alon nobody stood out to us like his did. His work speaks for itself, it is fantastic and we loved how personable but professional he was.
After we decided to go with him, we had our engagement pictures taken which turned out amazing. We had a few different settings in mind and he was so flexible and ready for anything. He was great at making us feel comfortable and helped position us to get the best picture possible. Honestly , after we got our engagement pictures back we were blown away. They were amazing.

We recently had our wedding and he once again amazed us with his talent. Alon and his assistant Lance were great. I loved that between the two they captured all the little details and small moments I didn’t think were even being seen. I was beyond impressed at how good Alon was at keeping us on our time schedule but still getting all the shots we really wanted plus all the amazing other pictures he took. Alon went above and beyond at our wedding and we could not be more grateful for him and his team. A big thank you goes out to Alon and lance, We absolutely LOVE the fairy tale photos they took and are so grateful Alon was there to capture our fairy tale wedding day and take beautiful photos that we will cherish forever. We look forward to getting our wedding album made and in our hands. Alon’s work truly is amazing and We will most definitely be calling him in the future to capture all the other special times in our life we have to look froward to.

Christa & Eric 5/30/2014

Alon David is incredibly talented! If you are a bride like me who values amazing and unique wedding pictures you MUST HIRE Alon David wedding photography . He really went above and beyond for our wedding and delivered absolutely incredible photos. You only have one chance to capture those moments on your wedding day and I am so thankful I found and hired Alon David Photography. My pictures are priceless and I am so thankful I had an amazing photographer!

Cora & Vencent 2/24/2014

Twenty stars wouldn’t be enough to adequately rate Alon David’s work.
If you want to see a true master at work, then watch him in action. He is thorough and extremely creative with his photographs. If photography were an Olympic sport, he’d be the gold medalist every year. Don’t hesitate to hire him for any of your photography needs. He’ll exceed your expectations and amaze you.

Veronica & Chris 11/13/2013

Alon was absolutely wonderful! He took great pictures with little to no sunlight at all and you couldnt even tell we were in the dark unless he wanted it to show it was dark. I love my pictures! Even my sister who is always so critical about her pictures loved the shoots that were taken of her. He is very friendly and very passionate and dedicated to his work. He worked with my budget as well. I never thought i would be able to afford a photographer as good as him but he helped me to make that possible. My wedding album is going to be beautiful! He has so many choices and options for the album and i cannot wait to get mine! I will recommend Alon to anyone! Even his assistant took great creative and unique photos. My experience was just awesome all around! What a great wedding day i had :-)

Talya & Sam 2/18/2013

My fiance and I live in the east coast but are having a march wedding in San Diego. We were intially referred to another photographer through our hotel but when we spoke to that vendor, he was rude and condescending. We began to search on our own through various wedding websites. When we came across Alon’s website, we were immediately impressed byt the quality and artistic nature of his photos.
Along with multiple other vendors, we decided to reach out to Alon and he was very professional and friendly from the get go. He was never rude or short with us. He stayed on the phone with me for over an hour while I asked him dozens of questions and interviewed him extensively. He sounded confident and knowledgable and was flexible in his pricing for our off season wedding. After speaking to him, Alon was the obvious choice. In addition, Alon had never photographed at the hotel we are getting married at. He even agreed to meet with us when we would be in town and see the hotel himself for no extra charge.
Thngs only got better from there. Our engagement session was efficient and easy. Neither myself nor my fiance are particularily comfortable with a camera but Alon was great at directing us and arranging our poses to maximize the photographic potential. On our drive home from the E-shoot, Alon had already posted a pic that he had just taken. It was AWESOME! He had beautifully captured the setting sun and scenery and we looked pretty good too :) Once the photo was posted on facebook, multiple friends and family members reached out to tell us it was one of the most beautiful pics they had seen.
We were so thrilled to receive our E-session photos and can not wait to work with him for our wedding. He does truly beautiful work for reasonable prices and I would recommend him to anybody and everybody. He is easy going, accomodating, and takes pride in his photos which shows through in their high quality and beauty.
You will not regret choosing Alon.

Jackie & Michael 1/13/2013

Alon and his team were wonderful with our families, friends, and us on our wedding day. He made everyone feel at ease and important in the photos. He also made sure everyone had their eyes open for every shot (sooo important) and that every child was smiling (or at least looking at the camera)! For his team to keep up with the day’s events and constant requests (one of which required a lot of climbing and patience with the bride) was amazing. He played a significant role in making our ceremony and reception memorable. His suggestions for poses were creative and turned out amazing. He can bring out the beauty in any location and in any subject.  The previews he showed us on his camera made us so excited to view the final products online – we’re like kids around Christmas – we can’t wait to open up our gifts! The price we paid was definitely worth it. We were so lucky to have had Alon and his team there that day.

Thanks, Alon!

Maty & Krista 8/29/2012

My new wife and I are huge fans of Alon’s work and professionalism, and we would recommend his services to anybody. Given the positive experience we have had with him in all of our interactions since choosing him as our wedding photographer.

Our wedding was at Sycuan Resort & Casino (beautiful venue!), a location Alon had not shot before, which I never anticipated being an issue, and it only helped contribute to his creativity the day of the wedding. Himself, and his assistant showed up on time and begun immediately, providing excellent ideas and doing a fantastic job of capturing all the “details”. Alon visited the bride’s party to shoot them getting ready, and my wife said that he was especially supportive and positive on what was indeed a hectic (but fun!) day.

Alon was adamant about making sure any special shots or requests we had were fulfilled, and was especially fantastic about providing pose suggestions, direction, and creative ideas. Also noteworthy, the guy was EVERYWHERE. The amount of coverage during the ceremony and reception ensures that every special moment was captured that day.

Both photographers were excellent sports–it was an especially hot evening, but it never deterred them from getting amazing shots throughout the festivities. They also stayed later than what was agreed upon, which my wife and I are so incredibly grateful for.

Alon THAT EVENING posted some photos to Facebook. Does the guy ever sleep? He busts his tail for his clients, and that’s why we are so satisfied with our experience working with him.

Our wedding was an amazingly special day, everyone attending had a fantastic time and Alon was an integral part of making it great. We can’t wait to see our images and the album we’re ordering. We’re ecstatic with our vendor choices, and highly highly recommend Alon David Photography.

Thanks Alon!

Emily Morgan 07/21/12

Alon is a true professional. He is talented, creative, and will find a way to take the most beautiful shots no matter what conditions he finds himself in. My husband and I hired Alon to cover our wedding, and he was very accommodating at working out a deal based on our budget. He met with us before the wedding to get an idea of what we were looking for, and how we would corrdinate the evening. Our wedding turned out to be a little tricky for most vendors since my husband and I had decided we didn’t want to see each other before the ceremony (in fact we got ready at two totally different locations), and it was pouring rain. What was suppose to be an outside ceremony had to be moved inside, and what would have been a beautiful backdrop for the ceremony and pictures turned into be some curtains behind us with grey skies. Alon never once said he couldn’t do something and he found a way to make everything work flawlessly. My husband was incredibly impressed with him especially, since he appreciates people who are good at what they do. He said “That’s the sign of a true professional; when plans change by the minute & you can keep up, focused & do a great job!” Alon isn’t afraid of a little (or alot) of rain & his experience shows! We will absolutely hire Alon again when we start our own family to have him capture the smiles of our kids :)

Jessie McGinnis 02/04/12

Alon shot our wedding this past weekend at La Costa Resort & Spa. First let me say he is a joy to work with! He is absolutely hilarious and it kept everyone in good spirits while we were doing our group shots! I would say that I read people fairly well and I can tell that he only expects the best from himself and will not settle for anything less. With that being said, It definitely does not affect the relationship between himself and the client as he balances the two very well.

He is prompt, has awesome communication, captures beautiful pictures, and has an amazing eye for seizing those beautiful moments that you experience on your wedding day. He had our sneak peek the same night and I can tell you that when I looked at the pictures it completely replicated my feeling at that very moment in time.

I can go on and on about this guy, I think you can tell from his reviews that the main word used is AMAZING. I have received so many compliments from family and friends about how AMAZING these pictures are. Don’t even question it… Hire him! You will not be disappointed!!!!!!

Diana Lasus 01/07/12

What can I say about Alon? Being a wedding coordinator, there is nothing more comforting than working with a photographer that knows exactly what they are doing, has endless patience and never loses their cool. That is Alon. Not to mention his talent is off the charts! He is dedicated to capturing those special moments by looking past the obvious shots and capturing what other people dont see. I really cant say enough about him. If you are lucky enough to book him, jump at the chance, you wont regret it ! He is just a cool guy and a pleasure to work with.

-Diana Lasus
“A Wedding By Di”

Justin & Jayna 11/22/11

ALoN is an incredible photographer. Enough said!

Our wedding was set for August and in January we found out that the photographer we chose was a slimy snake (not ALoN).  But by January most of the photographers were booked.  I was so nervous as I was leaving town for number of months and so I stayed up to wee hours of the morning looking for a good photographer.   Then I came across ALoN’s site.  I emailed him at 1 in the morning and he responded the next morning. He said that he was currently flying back to San Diego and would land at 11am.  He asked me if I wanted to meet at 12pm and I was thinking, ‘aren’t you going to be exhausted after flying half way across the world?’  But he was completely okay with that. We met him that day and booked him on the spot. We are so glad that we found ALoN. He is not only a great photographer but a wonderful person as well.

ALoN was very helpful and helped me understand how weddings function and what I needed to know about how the day would play out. I really had no clue about weddings so he made me feel much better.

He showed up on time to the wedding and was dressed appropriately for our wedding. ALoN is actually very fun to shoot with. He is very funny and keeps the mood light. Both my husband and I are not the most photogenic people but he helped us to lighten up and be ourselves. We really enjoyed working with him as he always kept us laughing.

He brought a second photographer to shoot with him named Lance who was also great.  It was actually really nice to have them both. They had very different shooting styles which I think is a great thing to have.  It was like having the same story told by two people who see through different lenses.  They worked very well together and complemented each other well.  They both worked really well with our family and friends and were very respectful.

Now on to his pictures…They are AMAZING.  We ended up with about 2,000 images after the wedding was all said and done and it was so hard to pick pictures because all his pictures were so wonderful! It was nice because ALoN gave us ALL the original images plus 150 edited images on a CD that we could do whatever we wanted with. ALoN just has a way with capturing emotion.  Understand that the wedding day goes by so fast and you might not get to catch a lot of it. Invest in a good photographer because after the wedding day is over, all you have left is the pictures. Everyone kept telling me how fast the wedding will fly by.  I said ‘yeah, yeah,’ but then when I experienced it myself I really understood.  It is literally like a whirlwind.  You only get these shots one time, just once.  Invest in a quality photographer; you will be happy you did.

We have his photos all over our house, they are just so beautiful.  My in-laws were telling me last week how much they loved the pictures and how they had them all over their house as well.  My mother-in-law ordered a bunch of photo books from ALoN and is in love with them. The pictures are truly astonishing. They are so full of heart and color.

I highly recommend ALoN. He came through for us and did a brilliant job. I have nothing negative to say about him, he is absolutely wonderful. We are so grateful for ALoN and his hard work!  We are so very pleased with his work and are glad that we were able to work with him. ALoN ROCKS!

Justin & Jayna

Hannah Miller 04/15/11

Alon photographed our wedding in November 2010. He was professional, easy to work with and inherently creative. I would recommend him to any of my close friends (and have) and I’m very happy to recommend him to the yelp community.

He included an engagement shoot and spent extra time with us at both the engagement shoot and the wedding, making sure he covered all the aspects and details we wanted.If you want wedding and engagement photos that are artistic, creative and stunning,contact Alon David.

Solyda Heng 11/12/11

After meeting with several photographers, Alon was the one that I felt the most comfortable with. He has excellent customer service, I got a call back a few minutes after I submitted my online inquiry. During my wedding I didn’t feel like I was working with a vendor, it felt like a friend just taking pictures. He has been a joy to work with and our pictures are awesome! Thank you Alon for considering my budget and being so flexible with it. I can’t wait to get our album! I would recommend him to my family and friends, and hope to work with him again, I know he will be able to capture the special moments in my life! Thank you so much for being our wedding photographer!

Crasthal Hunson 11/19/11

Alon David photography is amazing!  He did my brother and sister in law’s wedding in March and got astonishing shots.  Alon was kind, courteous and great to deal with!  I loved the photos he got for the entire wedding, especially my daughter (the flower girl) so much that I joined my brother and sister in law for another shoot with him a few days ago.

Once again he was great to work with. I love how casual and fun a photo shoot with him is!  He even got my soon-to-be four year old nephew and my two year old daughter to smile and cooperate while he snapped away, that’s what I consider talented.  He was booked for the day but still managed to have a nice preview up on facebook by that evening.  Let me tell you, the shots are wonderful, the atmosphere is professional but fun and his prices along with a CD and all of the photo rights for additional self printing is truly unbeatable.

I am considering doing family photos in March when my daughter turns three just so I can work with him again.

Thank you Alon for such wonderful memories to treasure forever!


Angelica & Briana 1/9/16

They say that a photographer and videographer can make or break your wedding memories. I can say with full certainty that I completely agree. Alon & his team were awesome.
We had a specific vision for our wedding and we knew what we wanted. Alon was so creative with his shots, and his 2nd photographer (so sorry, I forgot his name!) was just as amazing. We have shots on all sides of the spectrum; action, posed, romantic, fun. There was not a single moment missed.

We decided to add on video with his partner Jason and let me tell you, there is not a dry eye that has watched that video. The emotion and detail in the video is breathtaking.
How they got such great shots without even being noticed is still mind blowing.
Thank you so much Alon and team, because of you, every single moment was captured beautifully.
P.S. – We were able to view our photos 2 weeks after the wedding, AMAZING!


Marianne & Marcel 11/21/15

Alon and his staff are AMAZING!!! My husband and I had our engagement and wedding pictures done through him and he surpassed our expectations. Alon was open to different ideas and poses and really made us warm up to the camera. A true professional with a real talent in capturing LIFE and its unique moment at a snap of a picture.
We are extremely grateful to have worked with him and will definitely use him for any future events!! Thanks so much, Alon!

Omar & Maria 11/22/15

Alon shot our wedding and all I can say, is that he is incredibly professional and talented!!! He made us all feel comfortable and calmed our nerves! I highly recommend working with Alon, he brings an awesome team with him so you get different angles of your event! Thank you Alon for capturing the energy, love, and happiness that was felt throughout our special day!

Indian Wedding Photography Ceremony

Chaitanya & Sandhya 11/7/15

I cannot say enough positive things about Alon and his team. This was a big Indian wedding with a lot of people and lots of events occurring at the same time. Along brought along another photographer and a videographer, and they were incredibly accommodating, but also helped us stay on time and stay organized. In addition to taking great photos (I’ll discuss this in a minute), they helped us stay calm, on time, and continued to remind us to have fun and enjoy the moment. Without them, our wedding day would not have been nearly as memorable or wonderful.

The pictures – wow! For about 12 hours of shooting, we received 5000 pictures! It was a wonderful experience to relive the day through Alons pictures. Not only were the vast majority of the pictures we received in-focus and appropriate (I think 5000 was what remained after some were filtered out), but nearly every one had either captured or attempted to capture the emotions of the people in that moment. Subtle smiles, a twinkle in the eye, faces filled with laughter and joy, they were all amazing. i cannot remember the last time I saw so many pictures of my family and loved ones all with such happiness and contentment on their faces. My wife and I made an evening of viewing each of the photos and selecting those that we thought were most beautiful and would like to see included in the photo album (which Alon kindly threw in for free).

I cannot say enough fantastic things about Alon. He is truly more than just a photographer – he is an artist who captures people’s emotions through his lens. You would not regret hiring him for your wedding, engagement, family portraits, or any other occasion.

Jen & Jerrad 2/27/16

My husband & I choose Alon as a photographer for our engagement & wedding photos.

Alon is a wonderful photographer who captured fantastic memories for us to alway look back on. He was able to help us keep to a timeline schedule for our wedding photos while still keeping the flexibility to visit with our guests and including a 2nd photographer to capture additional angle shots. We enjoyed working with him and would reach out to him in the future to capture other life occasions.

Thank so much Alon!

Sally & Robert 3/12/16

We hired Alon for our engagement session and wedding and I really enjoyed working with him during our engagement session.

The pictures turned out really beautiful without edits. So imagine them with the edits. 🙂
Alon and his crew did a GREAT job on the wedding photos.

He showed up on time, put everyone at ease while shooting and had fun while dealing with a very festive bridal party. The wedding pictures turned out awesome without even editing them. We can’t wait to share the beautiful wedding pictures with family and friends. We are definitely using Alon David photography in future events and referring him to family and friends.

Can’t say enough thank you for his amazing job.

Lindsey & Shane 10/8/2016

alon david photography studio

alon david photography studio

There are so many decisions to stress over when planning a wedding – selecting a photographer doesn’t have to be one of them. You’ve already found the best by looking into Alon David and his team.

To say that I don’t photograph well is putting it lightly. My awkwardness shines bright when I know I’m being photographed. When I saw Alon’s work, I knew that I was looking at art of a superior quality. I knew that if I wanted to preserve memories as I remembered them (i.e., without my scrunched up goofy face mucking it up), I wanted to enlist his team. His portfolio is replete photojournalism-esque work that deserves to be in the pages of Time, Vogue, and Conde Nast.

Alon treated me like a business partner AND a princess. He kept me well informed – answering my questions in a detailed manner and without delay. He was polite, professional, and fun. His banter relaxed me as soon as he started clicking away. There was even a hiccup in the months before planning (trust me folks, there WILL BE many!) and Alon went out of his way to help me ameliorate the issue. Coordinating with him for the actual day was a delight and a pleasure.

I just received my pictures and……I am speechless (not a common occurrence). The photos Alon and Marc captured are…..without sounding conceited, stunning. I opened the link and lived the entire day again. Their work encapsulates features and expressions I missed in the busyness. Marc managed to memorialize the moment my father shook my husband’s hand in a way that brought me to tears. My dad’s pride, my husband’s smile, and me turning my face into my shoulder to prevent from sobbing with the enormity of it all.

Marc was such a blast to spend the day with, we tried to get him to stay to enjoy the whole reception! I could just smooch him for managing to capture the exact romantic image I dreamed of with my husband…. it looks like a fairytale. AND he toughed out the whole day despite the unseasonable heat!

Choose Alon and his team – you will not regret it. Next to my husband, choosing Alon was the best decision I’ve made in this whole thing! 🙂

Karen & T.J. 7/30/2016

Alon David was the best decision we made for our wedding. He is truly an artist and made us feel like rockstars. He gets through everything super fast and efficiently and knows how to manage large families. I felt so beautiful and his pictures really speak for themselves. Alon is super easy to work with and so nice. We didn’t do an engagement shoot beforehand but he knew how to get us comfortable in front of the camera. He catches all the good moments and has a great eye for styling. Our photos are such high quality. We will treasure our wedding even more because it was captured so beautifully by Alon and his team.