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Book Your Senior Year Photo Session Today

Just as you spent countless hours capturing precious moments of your son or daughter’s childhood, you also want to capture the moments when he or she is about to leave high school. Senior year is a time of your child’s life that only happens once. You can commemorate this unforgettable time and celebrate it with your loved ones by arranging for a senior year photo shoot with Alon David Photography.
Alon David Photography understands the importance of this last year of high school. The photos from the shoot will be given with graduation invitations, so your child deserves the very best treatment. Alon David Photography will make sure that each and every pose captures the true essence of your young graduate.
Different locations – such as the beach, a park, or the striking architecture of a historic building – will all provide the perfect backdrop for each photo. Alon David will encourage your son or daughter to smile, laugh, or even give a solemn expression to ensure that each photo portrays the beauty of your child. You can trust Alon David Photography to provide you with a senior photo session unlike anything you ever expected.
Your child’s last year of high school needs to be captured forever through photography. Rather than entrust this priceless photo shoot in the hands of a beginner, trust Alon David Photography to give you everything you wanted and much, much more. Contact us today to learn more about our senior year photo shoots and reserve your photo session today before graduation!

Prepare for Senior Pictures Now

If your child is preparing to enter his senior year of high school, now is the time to start planning those senior pictures. You don’t want to put off making the important choices until the last minute — otherwise, you might wind up with an amateur photographer and lousy senior pictures. Take the time now to contact different photographers and choose the one that best fits your child’s needs. Here are some more tips to help you choose the best photographer to capture your child’s last moments in high school:

Reserve your session now, instead of later. Yes, spring is in the future, but if you reserve your session now with your favorite photographer, it will be one less worry on your list. Senior year is a hectic time, so make your reservation today. When making your reservation, consider reserving two days, if your session will include outdoor shots. If the weather acts up, you will still have another session to capture the best shots.
Put your deposit down with your reservation. This helps to ensure that your session will not be cancelled or postponed due to other obligations. It also shows your photographer that you are serious about using him/her for your session.

When the day for the shoot comes, be prepared. Have all of the items you and your child want in the session ready to use. For instance, if your child plays an instrument, make sure it is polished and looking sharp for photos that include the instrument. Your photographer shouldn’t have to wait for you to fetch an item you forgot, so be prepared.
Here at Alon David Photography, senior pictures are one of our many areas of expertise. Contact us today to discuss the perfect day for your child’s photo shoot.