Jeanette & Walter Wedding Crosby Club House

The Crosby Club House Wedding

San Diego Engagement Photography

San Diego Engagement Photography

San Diego Engagement Photography

San Diego Engagement Photography-2

San Diego Engagement Photography-2

San Diego Engagement Photography-3

San Diego Engagement Photography-4

San Diego Engagement Photography-5

San Diego Engagement Photography-6

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San Diego Engagement Photography-62

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San Diego Engagement Photography-65

San Diego Engagement Photography-66

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San Diego Engagement Photography-69

San Diego Engagement Photography-70

San Diego Engagement Photography-71

San Diego Engagement Photography-72

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San Diego Engagement Photography-74

San Diego Engagement Photography-75

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San Diego Engagement Photography-84

San Diego Engagement Photography-85

Get to know ALON DAVID and how he started with Photography check out the Video.


Engagement photos begin your story as a committed couple, leading up to your wedding day and beyond. Alon David Photography studio  San Diego Top Wedding Photographer is a standout among San Diego engagement photographers’ Studios.  His relaxed, personal style puts you at ease as his photos capture the relationship developing between future bride and groom.

The San Diego engagement photographer and San Diego Engagement Photography seeks out the emotions and the expressions between the couple to capture the details that will make your photography even more special to you. Taking engagement photos is a great way for Alon to get to know you as a couple so that you are relaxed and ready to work together once your wedding day rolls around.

San Diego Beach Engagement Photos

San Diego Beach Engagement Photos

San Diego is one of the world’s romantic settings, giving you a wealth of background choices. Nothing is more important to your San Diego engagement photography than choosing the perfect setting to reflect the romance and love that you and your soon-to-be spouse share. View our engagement photo gallery to see examples such as white-sand beaches, stately Balboa Park, Coronado Island, or Downtown’s Historic Gaslamp Quarter.

Best Wedding Photographer San Diego

Best Wedding Photographer San Diego

One or more will perfectly capture your unique characteristics and make the ideal setting for your San Diego engagement photos and San Diego Engagement Photography. We are also prepared to shoot from locations anywhere in the country or world. As San Diego Top Wedding Photographers We understand how important the perfect location is to getting the results that you want in photos you plan to treasure for a lifetime.

San Diego Engagement Photography

San Diego Engagement Photography

Our photographic journey together starts with San Diego Engagement Photography and engagement photos as a way to prepare for “the big day.” You’ll have a chance to become comfortable with your wedding photographer without last-minute pressures.

The bride can test hair and make-up choices to see how they look on-camera. Share your engagement photos—and your excitement—with friends and family, and choose your favorite for a save-the-date wedding announcement or wedding invitations or display several at the wedding reception. Come visit our Photography Studio in San Diego or call us at 619-436-6311 for more information about our packages, prices or locations.

San Diego Engagement Photography

San Diego Engagement Photography

Here is a list of great location to get your Engagement Session photography done in San Diego area: Balboa Park, Coronado Beach, Wind and Sea, Downtown San DiegoPacific Beach Pier, La Jolla Shores Scripps Pier, Wayfarers Chapel Los Angles, Abalone Cove Palos Verdes, Petco Park San Diego, UCSD University of California in La Jolla we will be adding more Engagement Session location soon.

San Diego Engagement Photography

San Diego Engagement Photography

Patty & German Wedding


Keep Your Wedding Day Running Smoothly

San Diego Marriott Gaslamp Quarter Hotel is sure to be one of the most memorable days of your life. The San Diego Marriott Gaslamp Quarter Hotel wedding provides the perfect backdrop for your special day — elegance, sophistication, and amazing scenery. Alon David Wedding Photography can handle all of your wedding day photo needs. With your Hotel venue selected, as well as your Wedding photographer, you are on your way to having a perfect wedding day at San Diego Marriott Gaslamp Quarter Hotel wedding. Here are a few tips to keep in mind on the big day to help keep everything running smoothly:

  • Create a specific schedule for your wedding day. When you have a detailed itinerary for the day,  you and everyone in your wedding party will know exactly what needs to be done at any time of the day. A schedule will help keep everyone on track and on time.
  • Leave room for error. Make sure your schedule includes extra time in case problems arise. For example, if you need two hours to get ready on your wedding day, give yourself three hours in the schedule. If something goes amiss, you will have extra time to find a solution.
  • Let your friends and family help. You have enough to do on your wedding day, so don’t be afraid to assign tasks to other people. Things such as picking up people from the airport or handing out bouquets and boutonnieres to the wedding party can easily be handled by someone else.
  • Don’t let your nerves get to you. This may seem like it’s easier said than done, but you can keep calm on your big day. Deep breathing exercises and a few minutes of meditation can quickly reduce your stress level. If absolutely necessary, a small glass of wine or champagne can calm your nerves — but avoid drinking too much!

Contact us today at Alon David Wedding Photography Studio located in Down Town San Diego for more helpful wedding day tips and to book your wedding day photography session. Also check out our blog for more Wedding and Engagement Photos

Mimi & Louie Wedding

Rancho Berardo Inn Wedding MIMI & LOUIE


Rancho Berardo Inn wedding

There are hundreds of details that must be addressed when planning your Rancho Berardo Inn wedding. From choosing the date to choosing dresses, it is easy to become overwhelmed with all the decisions. Add in the food and the photography, and it’s no surprise that your nerves are eventually shot. Here are three tips for taking care of some of the most important details of your wedding with minimal stress.

  • Let the professional staff at the Rancho Berardo Inn wedding can help you take care of some of the details. For instance, they can help you plan the after-wedding meal and festivities. Delegating responsibility is the fastest, easiest way to reduce pre-wedding stress.
  • When choosing a San Diego Wedding photographer, it pays to choose one with experience, such as Alon David Photography. An experienced Wedding and Engagement photographer needs no direction or suggestions from you – you have enough to worry about. An experienced Wedding photographer instinctually knows which pictures need to be taken and when – one less thing for you to stress over.
  • The Rancho Berardo Inn Wedding Venue is a gorgeous venue – let it be naturally gorgeous. There is no need to add tons of wedding décor because the Rancho Berardo Inn is already perfect in appearance. Let the natural beauty of the surroundings, enhanced by a few, key flower arrangements, serve as your decoration – understated and elegant. Less decorations means less worry on your mind.

Contact Alon David Photography Wedding Studio today to find out more stress-relieving planning tips, and make sure you reserve your wedding day photography session.

San Diego Wedding Photography

San Diego Wedding Photography

1 San Diego Top Wedding Photographer


1 San Diego Top Wedding Photographer

1 San Diego Top Wedding Photographer

1 San Diego Top Wedding Photographer

1 San Diego Top Wedding Photographer

1 San Diego Top Wedding Photographer

1 San Diego Top Wedding Photographer

1 San Diego Top Wedding Photographer

1 San Diego Top Wedding Photographer

8 San Diego Best Wedding Photography

Get to know ALON DAVID and how he started with Photography check out the Video.

Alon David Photography Studio Wedding Photography WorldWide applies the unique vision of a trained designer and the creative passion of an inspired artist to capturing your special day. Do you wish you could stop time and keep your wedding day fresh forever? Alon David will create that treasured lifetime record for you through San Diego wedding photography that will capture all the details that you don’t want to forget. His unique sense of artistry results in creative photos that will tell the story of your special day. You have poured your heart and soul into creating the perfect wedding. Make sure you get the photographer who will deliver the best wedding photography in San Diego to preserve each detail and every memory that made up your special day

Each image by Alon David’s San Diego Wedding Photography Studio Wedding Photography WorldWide preserves the faces of loved ones, the emotion of a fleeting moment, the memories you’ll want to revisit forever. Whether you choose to have your wedding in the San Diego area or at any destination around the world, Alon David Photography will take advantage of your setting to create the photos that reflect the special atmosphere the location has brought to the occasion in San Diego Wedding Photography.

For those couples who have their weddings locally, Alon David Photography Wedding Photography WorldWide and San Diego Wedding Photographyis the ideal choice for wedding photography. San Diego is the perfect backdrop for lasting images, and Alon David Photography Studio is fully experienced in locally based and destination weddings of any size. Click on a photo above to see our portfolio of clients served, share some of their happiest experiences, and read their comments on Information/Raves about working with the best wedding photographer Studio in San Diego located at 127 West University Ave in San Diego.

Alon David photography Studio offers Wedding Photography WorldWide services in locations all around the world including: San Diego wedding photography, La Jolla wedding photographer, Carlsbad wedding photographers, Los Angeles wedding photographer, San Clemente wedding photographers, and Hawaii destination wedding photographer, Wedding Photography La Jolla, Wedding Photography Carlsbad
Wedding Photography Carlsbad, Wedding Photography Orange County, Wedding Photography Irvine, Wedding Photography Los Angeles, Wedding Photography San Francisco, Wedding Photography New York, Wedding Photography San Clemente, Wedding Photography Chula Vista, Jewish Wedding Photography San Diego, San Diego Jewish Wedding Photographer and Los Angeles Wedding Photographer Contact us for more information about wedding photography in San Diego or for your destination wedding and worldwide weddings.

Choosing a Wedding Photographer Is Crucial

Finding the perfect wedding photographer is one of the most important choices to make when planning your wedding. The photographer has the task of capturing every essential moment — and then some — on your wedding day. This is not a task you can give to just anyone. You need to take the time to research different photographers before making your choice. Here are some other helpful tips to keep in mind when making this crucial decision:

Make sure your budget is plentiful. Photography is one area of your wedding where you don’t want to make cuts. Your wedding photos are going to be the tangible story of your wedding day. You want these photos to be the best, the most beautiful, and the most breathtaking photos possible. For the best, you can expect to pay more — but it will be worth it.

Ask lots of questions of potential photographers. Discuss more than just price. Talk about experience and examine portfolios with care. Discuss equipment, staging, and session times. You want a photographer that is going to meet ALL of your needs, no matter what those needs may be.
Read the contract with care. Make sure you understand all elements of the contract before signing. Make sure it includes everything you verbally agreed upon.
Here at Alon David Photography, we have the experience you need to have the most gorgeous wedding photos possible. We are ready to answer all of your questions and meet all of your needs. Contact us today to learn more about our skills and experience, and to reserve your wedding day session.

San Diego Wedding Photography
The San Diego area is one of the main area to have your wedding photography. Many of the top photographers in the world love wiring in San Diego and make San Diego a center for Wedding photography. San Diego offers miles of beaches, a mild climate and amazing architecture, San Diego and La Jolla area make a wonderful wedding photography and engagement photography location. Check out our BLOG to see some of the location that we love to photograph Weddings and Engagements. Destination Wedding Photographer

Alon David loves to travel and does lots of Destination Weddings in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico Hawaii and Cancun, Mexico

Hotel del Coronado weddings

Hotel del Coronado weddings