Wedding Album Studio Sample 2013


Wedding Albums The best results? We achieve them by combining the latest technology with the craftsman quality that only the hand of man can guarantee.

That is why every Album is handmade in Italy, with particular care and attention dedicated to every detail.

We guarantee strength and durability.

Every Wedding Album and Bar Mitzvah and Bat Mitzvah is heat binding, a special assembly method carried out manually by inserting interleaving tissue paper between sheets that are then put in an oven.
By not using vinyl glues, the result is a sturdy page without the unpleasant ‘wave’ effect. Heat binding produces a book that is not only more appealing to touch and look at, but longer lasting, too.

The best photographic and digital printing solutions.

The search for excellence necessarily focuses on the use of and search for the best printing support materials.
For this reason, we offer only the best photographic and digital printing solutions.

We aim for perfection from every point of view. Especially yours.

We perform color correction on every single photo, balancing light and contrast to obtain chromatically perfect images. Complexions and shadows are then meticulously corrected manually to the highest standard.